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The Winning Edge


Buffalo Crossing BBQ Cookoff
Munfordville, KY
October 15-16th


6th Place Overall Won: 1st Place Brisket 3rd Place Pork

Cherokee Pignic
Canton, GA
October 15-16th

The Pit Crew

4th Place Pork, 9th Place Chicken

Jim Beam BarBQ Classic
Springfield, KY
October 01-02nd


4th Place Overall Won: 4th Place Pork, 5th Place Brisket, 8th Place Chicken

Atlanta BBQ Club Non-Sanctioned (Pro)
Atlanta, GA
October 01-02nd

The Pit Crew

2nd Place Brisket, 4th Place Pork, 5th Place Chicken


Dega Que - King of the Pit
Talladega, AL
October 30-31st


7th Place Overall (out of 108 Teams)Won: 7th Place Ribs using Wild Cherry and Hickory Chunks

The Diamond State BBQ Championship (State Championship)
Dover, DE
October 16-17th


Reserve Grand Champion (out of 81 Teams)Won: 2nd Place Ribs, 3rd Place Pork Wild Cherry and Hickory Chunks

Harvest Homecoming's "Hoosier Daddy"
New Albany, IN
October 9-10th


4th Place Overall (30 Teams)Won: 1st Place Brisket, 1st Place Pork using Red Oak and Wild Cherry chunks

Kentucky Crossroads Harvest Festival Cook-Off (State Championship):
Springfield, KY
October 2-3


Grand ChampionWon: 1st Place Brisket, 3rd Place Ribs, 3rd Place Pork, 4th Place Chicken using Red Oak and Wild Cherry chunks

The Valley Smokin' BBQ Festival (State Championship):
Front Royal, VA
October 2-3


Grand Champion (out of 36 Teams)Won: 2nd Place Chicken, 4th Place Ribs, 5th Place Pork using Wild Cherry and Hickory Chunks

Hambones By The Fire

3rd Overall (out of 36 Teams)Won: 1st Place Ribs, 2nd Place Pork, 5th Place Brisket using Wild Cherry, Sugar Maple, and Hickory Chunks


(19th Annual Jack Daniel's World Championship):
Lynchburg, TN

(Grand Champion)- we cannot tell what he used!

Coweta Up In Smoke (State Championship):
Newman, GA
October 5-6, 2007

Huff~N~Puff BBQ
Won:5th in Brisket using Sugar Maple, Hickory, and Wild Cherry.


Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational Barbecue
Lynchburg, TN
October 28, 2006

Dizzy Pig BBQ-Canada - Won:5th in Brisket, 10th in Pork, 14th in Chicken with an Overall Ranking of 23rd(out of 65 cooking teams). Woods used included Woodscuit�-Pecan infused, Smokin' Dust�-Wild Cherry and Maple.
World Barbecue Team Switzerland - Won: 9th in Pork and 3rd overall in the "Home" portion of the event while using our Wild Cherry wood chunks.
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