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The Winning Edge



4th Annual Cattlemens BBQ Contest!

San Juan, PR
July 3-4th

Paula Flavors
6th Place Overall (40 Teams)using Smokinlicious Alder, Hickory, and Sugar Maple Chunks Double Filet Wood Chunks__


4th Annual Barbecue Cookofft!

Kettering, OH
July 9-10th

Grand Champion!1st Place Brisket 1st Place Chicken 7th Place Ribs using Smokinlicious Wild Cherry and Red Oak Chunks Double Filet Wood Chunks__



Que and Cruz:
Louisa, VA

6th Place Overall Out of 54 Teams, Won: 4th Ribs- Using our Hickory and Wild Cherry Double Filet Wood Chunks


Kettering, OH - Ohio Veteran Barbecue Cookoff:

won: 1st Place Pork and "7th Place Ribs- Using our Red Oak and Wild Cherry Double Filet Wood Chunks


Smoke on the Allegheny - Franklin, PA

Swine Syndicate won:

2nd Place Ribs using our Wild Cherry barrel logs, Hickory chunks, and Maple Smokin' Dust

5th Place Chicken using our Wild Cherry and Hickory Chunks

Canadian Open Barbecue Championship Barrie, Ontario

Team Cedar Grilling
-Canadian Grand Champion- used maple chips on the smoked beans and in other smokers.
Dizzy Pig BBQ Canada
- won: 2nd place Anything Butt Category using our Sugar Maple Cooking Plank.
Belgium BBQ Team
- won: 3rd Place Pork Using our Red Oak Chunks.
We appreciate the support from teams!
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and do not see your name, please contact us with the details!

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